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Ive purchased several tires from best used in the past, as I am a rural mail carrier and go through a lot of tires.In April I purchased a set of Good Year Wrangler RT/S.

Less than a month later the threads were showing through the wall. I could have blown a tire and had a bad wreck. I tried to contact them through their email but didnt get a response. After a second email, and stupidly purchasing one last set to replace the bad tire from them before I got my email answered.

I was told that nothing could be done because it was after 14 days. As a return customer I feel I deserve better than that. Especially after spending several hundreds of dollars with them. I emailed them back and told them I was displeased as a return customer.

But they only emailed me back and told me "Im sorry you feel that way". So not only will I not be spending any of my money with them anymore, hopefully others will see this post after a Google search and decide not to buy from them either. Im very tempted to return the tires I just purchased when they arrived, but I know the shipping will be high and theres a restocking fee. Also the last two times I purchased tires, I had someone call and tell me they were about to ship them but they failed a quality check and offered me a different set instead.

So they obviously know their tires are no good. Why not they check them before they put them up for sale? Why wait til i have already paid then call to offer a different set. Thats bait and switch.

So again, this is a horrible company when it comes to customer service. And you may get a set of tires and have no problems at all.

But if you do best believe they arent going to take care of it.just buy locally, or from an actual tire company.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Bloomington, Illinois, United States #1213556

Please help me understand your complain and logic here.

You mention you are a rural mail carrier.Am I correct that you drive MANY miles every day (5 or 6 days a week).

Am I correct that being rural also means that you drive over a wide range of road/off road conditions.

You bought used tires for your vehicle because: a) they are cheaper b) the road conditions you drive on are more likely to have hazards that can damage a tire c) both of these.

So, your logic is that you bought a pair of used tires for $100, which means you saved a little money (assuming that these are p255/70r16s, that means you saved less than $100 over buying new) and then you drove on them for at least 2 weeks (you exceeded the sellers 14 day return policy) and noticed that there is damage to the side tread. You now EXPECT the vendor to REFUND you the money "because I'm a return customer"...

How do they (and you) know that the damage wasn't caused by something on your mail route? Why do you think they OWE you a refund? Every used tire place I have ever bought from sells their product AS-IS.

I've NEVER seen them offer a warranty because they can't know exactly how a tire has been treated in the past, or how you will treat it.

- If you EXPECT a WARRANTY, then buy NEW tires and get a manufacture and the optional road hazard warranties...Sounds like you are being cheap and whiny.


looks like an alignment issue, not a problem with the tires. Judging by all the brake dust on rims I would only guess that maintenance is not a high priority.

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